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Global Food Systems Network Map from Meridian

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What is the Global Food Systems Network Map?

The Global Food Systems Network Map is a powerful online tool designed to visually represent the relationships among stakeholders involved in food systems-related efforts worldwide.

Given the varied and dynamic nature of global food systems, it is often challenging to track projects and partners. This Network Map, created by Meridian Institute, aims to alleviate these challenges by illustrating the landscape of multi-stakeholder initiatives working across food systems, including what issues these initiatives are working on and how they are driving change.

This Network Map will help organizations working in food systems both identify opportunities for collaboration and gather insights on how to focus efforts and resources for maximum collective impact.

The Network Map is hosted on Kumu, an interactive network visualization tool. Learn more about how to navigate the Map here.


About Meridian Institute

Meridian Institute is a nonprofit consultancy that builds understanding, guides collaboration, and drives action around challenging environmental issues. We bring people together to find common ground. Then, we turn ideas into action by establishing partnerships, building coalitions, and providing foundational support for long-term collaboration.

Meridian Institute

Explore the Network Map

Click the button below to start exploring the Global Food Systems Network Map. After a brief questionnaire, you will have immediate access to the Map.

What Does the Network Map Show?

The complexity of global food systems is a frequent barrier to enhancing collaboration across this space. The Global Food Systems Network Map helps make sense of this complexity by highlighting the relationships between food systems stakeholders around the world.

The Network Map specifically offers insight into multi-stakeholder food system initiatives, including:

  • What are initiatives working on?
  • Who is involved in these initiatives?
  • How are these initiatives bringing about change?
  • Where are there opportunities for learning and collaboration?

The current Network Map, as released in October 2023, is a beta version. Meridian continues to update the Map to enhance its usefulness to those working in food systems. Help us improve the Map by getting in touch!

In all, the Network Map visualizes the many food systems efforts being carried out around the world — and offers insight into how they can connect to drive impact.

How Can Using the Network Map Enhance My Work? 

The Global Food Systems Network Map illustrates the landscape of collaborative efforts operating within the food systems space. The Network Map provides both a platform to explore potential partnership opportunities and a wealth of data to inform decisions on where to focus efforts (and resources) to maximize positive environmental and social impact.

By visualizing key information about global food systems, the Network Map is a value-add to anyone involved in the space, including nonprofit organizations, government agencies, research institutions, philanthropic foundations, academic communities, advocacy groups, media, and more.

Get in Touch

Exploring the Network Map is just the beginning. We’d love to chat further about how we can help you leverage this and other network maps to enhance collaboration, decisions, and change-making in the food systems space.